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On Page SEO

✅Write descriptive page titles: Create page titles that accurately and concisely describe the content of the page.
✅Include target keywords: Include relevant keywords in the titles, headings, and body of the page.
✅Optimize content for search engines: Use appropriate keywords in the body of the page and make sure content is well-structured with headings and subheadings.
✅Optimize images: Add descriptive alt text for images and make sure the file names are descriptive.
✅Create a meta description: Write a compelling meta description for each page that includes keywords and a call to action.
✅Include internal links: Use internal links to help users explore your website and to help search engine crawlers find and index pages.
✅Add external links: Link to external websites where appropriate to provide additional value to users.


Off Page SEO

✅Build quality backlinks: Backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. They are an important factor in how search engines determine rankings, so it is important to build quality backlinks to your website. This can be done through link building, guest blogging, and directory submissions.

✅Social media promotion: Promoting your website on social media can help increase brand awareness and bring more traffic to your website. Posting content on social media and engaging with customers can help improve your search engine rankings.

✅Monitor and measure your progress: Keep track of your off-page SEO efforts and measure the results. This will help you determine which strategies are working and which need to be improved. You can use analytics tools such as Google Analytics to track your progress.

off page seo

Delivery SEO Report

After Completing SEO Work we will delivery by Google Sheet. You can Track OUR SEO Report easy.